Asia Rivers Expedition Fundraising

It’s official- the Asia Rivers Expedition is going to happen, and our fundraising page is up!  We need your help to bring this exploration into being, and to make sure that the story of wild rivers is told to as wide an audience as possible.  Please, whether or not you can spare a few dollars to help us make it to the Pacific, share the Indiegogo page on Facebook, Twitter, and by e-mail.  Text your friends.  E-mail your dentist.  Tell… everybody.  Spread the fire, and you can help make our dream a reality!  We are seeking $11,000 in funding to cover the substantial costs of executing an international expedition.  The vaccines alone cost $1900, not to mention flights, visas, gear, food, and communication technology.  Anything you can give is much appreciated, and rewarded with lots of cool stuff!

The Facebook book page is also live, so head over there for more updates and be sure to ‘Like’ the Asia Rivers Expedition!

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