The idea of the expedition – a focused, mission-driven project undertaken by a small, inclusive, goal-oriented team – transfers seamlessly from montane environs to schools, companies, and other spaces where small groups engage with risk, challenge, and growth. I am currently available for short-term and long-term project-based contracting; the projects and processes I’ve been lucky to add value to range across four key sectors:

  • Education:  My fascination with experiential curriculum and program design in secondary schools and higher education extends through leadership capacity building, wilderness programming, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and community building.
  • Outdoor Industry:  As a media specialist, sponsored athlete and design junkie, I’ve supported product development, marketing efforts, and project strategy for several outdoor industry leaders.
  • Expedition: With experience in 28-countries, I help  teams in planning grand endeavors in remote areas around the world. From logistics to visas, risk management plans, food, communications, media plans, and sponsorship and grant writing, I share the lessons I’ve learned over ten years as a professional explorer.
  • Leadership: The experiential teaching of leadership is a passion of mine, and the dynamic wilderness classroom has been my home for over a decade. These lessons extend from outdoor to indoor leadership, as team-building, cultivating a love of growth and challenge, and developing leadership capacity are talent-free, effort-focused human endeavors. Effective communication and interpersonal dynamics form the core of functionality that allow all later successes; whether on a rope team or in the boardroom.

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