I am an educator fascinated by the teaching of leadership, and an adventurer passionate about the exploration of the world. My work exists at the intersection of these core interests, and takes many forms. From the experiential teaching of leadership to university students and young professionals, to skiing new routes in Siberia and consulting for educational organizations and the outdoor industry, I seek to share my unique perspective on the leading of teams and self, and the value of developing a deep understanding of the magnificent world – both human and natural – that we inhabit.

The winds of work and play have sent me all over the world, from Arctic Canada to the Tien Shan. The grand project of my twenties was a 25,000 kilometer expedition that ran a human-powered line around the world at about 45 degrees North latitude. I deposited the efforts and resources of six years of my life into this endeavor, with a month free from work here and there, and received in return the beginnings of a knowledge of the world and its component parts – the beautiful and very ugly, the incredulity of friends and fishermen, and perhaps some dose of adulthood in the milieu of constant travel and exhaustion on four continents.

I am a Fellow of the Explorer’s Club, and was the 2011 Outside Magazine Adventurer of the Year, and the 2013 Polartec Challenge Grantee. I am a Senior Faculty member at the National Outdoor Leadership School. I have not had a permanent mailing address in seven years.