Team Awarded a Polartec Challenge Grant!

I am thrilled to announce that my team and I have been awarded a Polartec Challenge Grant! The Challenge Grant program has been funding far-reaching expeditions for 22 years, and has gone to many big names over the years- I am in august company, the company of adventurers like Conrad Anker, Jon Turk, Erik Boomer, and Jimmy Chin. Polartec, the leader in technical outdoor fabrics, kindly funds this Grant each year as part of their commitment to pushing the limits of exploration and adventure, and as a sign of their cognizance of where their mana comes from. I am very excited to be partnering with a program and a company like this.

So, after many years of effort and 16,000 kilometers traveled by canoe and bicycle, I now know I will be able to finish what I’ve started. We’re Mongolia-bound come summer, and it’s (mostly) downstream to the Pacific. Stay tuned for more details and fundraising pushes over the coming weeks!

Polartec Press Release

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