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NOLS: Canoeing (NOLS Library)
Out October 1, 2013








atlasAt the Center of Russian Buddhism, A Festival Reveals an Undead Lama
Delivering Accordion Music to a Siberian Ghost Town



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Writing the Guidebook on Ski Touring in Afghanistan
Yukon Opens Major Wilderness to Mining, Violating Promises
The Bittersweet Embrace of the Last Camp
Toys ‘R’ Us Teaches Kids Toys Are Better Than Nature



Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 8.54.49 PM“A Little Help from My (Online) Friends: How To: Crowdfund Your Expedition”
Canoe & Kayak March 2014 Expedition issue

Running Free: Age of the Paddler-Conservation
Canoe & Kayak 40th Anniversary Issue

“En Route: Across Europe by Canoe”
Canoe & Kayak web feature
No. 1, No. 2 To Carry the Schwarzwald, No 3. Road to Nowhere,
No.4 BulgariaNo. 5 Romania

Stepping Up: From Day-trip to Expedition
Canoe & Kayak Beginner’s Guide


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Tackling New Zealand by Bike – 1/1/10
Boating Middle Earth – 5/12/11


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Finding Success in Failure” – 10/23/13







A Damn-Fool Idea: Portland, OR to Portland, ME
NOLS Leader p. 10-11









Just a Zipper Blog
Biking and Paddling Across Asia – 4/1/13
Polartec Challenge Winners Trip Report – 10/1/13








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2,900 Kilometers across Mongolia and Siberia





Exploring the Mistassini

Chewonki Chronicle p. 16 – 19








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“Winter” p. 42
President’s Notes” p. 6
Legend 2007-2008

“Editor’s Notes” p. 2
Notes” p. 4
“Katadin Rocket Fuel” p. 26 – 27
“Presidential Range Race: Comin’ in Hot” p. 12 – 13
Legend 2006-2007

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