Blog Round-Up

Over the summer, we teamed up with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation to collect lichen along our route in Mongolia and Siberia.  ASC is a fantastic organization that is helping to bring a little more meaning into the human-powered travels of people like me, and thereby bring it closer to real exploration.  I wrote a blog post for them about our hunt for the elusive whiteworm lichen.  

Our journey would not have been possible without the Polartec Challenge Grant.  The wonderful folks at Polartec actually put their money where their passion is, and fund a number of expeditions each year.  Their Just a Zipper blog collects stories from these trips as well as stories of their new fabrics and events, and just featured a post I wrote abut coming home from Asia.

We took about two million paddle strokes this summer, all of which were with Werner Paddles.  I just wrote a short piece for their blog about the trip.

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